Did Priyanka Chopra Get a Nose job?

It is rumored that...Priyanka Chopra underwent a nose job during a three-day-long London trip. Priyanka says, "Which nose job can you get in three days, I really want to know.", Being a doctor's daughter, she should know. According to sources, it was apparently a well known fact that Priyanka had always been unhappy with the way her nose looked. Besides her alleged nose-job, rumors about her perfect lips have also started doing the rounds. Priyanka claims that it is the mere effect of makeup and nothing else.

True or False...Comparing her pictures from the Miss World Pageant and her recent pictures (see image), many seemed to believe that Priyanka's nose had been surgically worked upon. The difference in skin tone between her nose and the rest of her face was caught red-handed by camera's during walk on Salman's Being Human ramp (see attached video). If you look closely at the associated image, you will see that her sharp nose, has later been rounded. Even though it is no shame to go under the knife for a perfect face, Priyanka has rubbished all rumors of a nose job.

Our Verdict:  True- Its a fact that make up can improvise looks, but it cannot restructure the face. You can decide for yourself by juxtaposing Priyanka's old and recent pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words. But then again, who nose?

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