Sonam Kapoor rediscovers her hotness on Maxim

ee her anywhere, she is always a fashionista! But on Maxim, Sonam Kapoor won’t mind getting smoldering hot. So, here is the style diva revealing her sensuous side.

Not only did Sonam Kapoor shoot for a fantastic photoshoot, she also went candid while talking to the mag. The girl, who likes to shoot from the hip, confesses that she loves to speak from heart. According to Sonam, people who are constantly thinking before they talk are so boring. It isn’t tough for the actress to be outspoken, Sonam finds it fun. Atta girl!

Many of you may not be aware but Sonam Kapoor was No. 5 on Maxim’s 2011 Hot 100 list and the actress also likes to be called HOT!. In fact, it’s very important for Sonam to be called ‘hot’ because being sexy for her is all about confidence and attitude. The magazine also likes how Sonam Kapoor gives the girl-next-door a naughty twist. We also agree with it, and in a few seconds you will also give in to the enticing charm of Sonam Kapoor.

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