Kangana Ranaut feel sick after smoking pot

Kangana Ranaut feel sick after smoking pot: Kangana Ranaut was game for shooting a scene in which she was supposed to smoke a fake joint. Little did she know that the joint had real pot.

In the upcoming comedy film Tanu Weds Manu, Kangana plays an absolutely bindaas girl who drinks and smokes with abandon. For a scene she was supposed to roll a joint and inhale from it. However, unknown to her, some members of the film’s crew put real marijuana (gaanja) in the joint.

And after canning just a few shots, in which she had to inhale repeatedly, Kangana’s head began to spin. She complained of feeling sick and before anyone could know what to do, she threw up.

Yes, the dizziness from the joint made her puke.

So sick did she feel with pot kick that Kangana didn’t even wrap the day’s shoot. The smoking scene was shot later and this time no one dared to spike her joint.

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